Turkey Routing Issues #2

Turkey still appears to be having routing issues and I don’t know why no one has called their ISP to complain. So if you still can’t access the site add the following to your hosts file and delete any other line that says ‘projecthax.com’. Then add the one that I have below. This is a temporary solution. projecthax.com

What you all need to do is call your ISP (whoever provides your internet) and tell them you are having trouble accessing the CloudFlare IP ‘’.

CloudFlare is essentially a proxy service that caches content on a web site and at the same time hides the IP of the original web server. I use them so we don’t get hit with DoS attacks.

I should also point out that this is not a DNS issue. DNS resolves hostnames into IP addresses (internet protocol) and your DNS server is working perfectly fine. You just cannot route to the CloudFlare IP that ProjectHax has (I cannot change this) which is why you need to contact your ISP.

Apr 26th, 2013