phBot v11.6.8n

  • Fixed casting script buffs while in town when they shouldn’t be
  • Fixed a bug with job transport items showing up in the pick pets inventory
  • Fixed not resetting some classes on disconnect (caused party problems)
  • Fixed not being able to cast certain cleric party buffs and warrior buffs at the same time (2 weapons)
  • Fixed ‘Mana Bound’ skill showing up in the skill list (passive skill)
  • Added support for showing the job transport inventory
  • Added item quantity to the inventory lists
  • Added zlib compression for database files
  • Added gold color to rare items in the pick filter
  • Added correct rare item names for iSRO and SilkroadR in the pick filter (Magic, Rare, Legend)
  • Rewrote party buffing (THIS MAY BE BROKEN)
Apr 1st, 2014