phBot v11.7.7

  • Added tabs to the protection tab
  • Added berserk on titan, strong, pillars, and in the script options
  • Added the ability to set the attacking monsters count for berserking
  • Added prefer titan, strong, and pillar monsters
  • Added options to use HP/MP grains when you are out of regular potions
  • Moved ‘Stop bot on grey bar’ to the Protection -> Misc. tab
  • Modified ‘Stop luring if more than X party members are dead’ to also stop luring if more than X party members are not in the training area
  • Modified stopping lure to only stop if you are in the training area
  • Added support for designating the recall point
  • Possibly fixed a chat disconnect bug
  • Separated all chat and general chat
  • Added support for using a teleporter for going client (town, ferry, and airships only)
  • Fixed not being able to equip necklaces from the inventory tab
  • Fixed hunter alarm load button not working correctly
  • Fixed ‘Specialty Goods Boxes’ not showing up in the transport when you begin target trading
  • Improved pick filter sorting categories
  • Changed transport/attack pet recovery settings to use a percentage instead of HP
Aug 25th, 2014