phBot v14.1.2

Change Log

  • Added slower attack mode option
  • Added Spanish translation thanks to Wzi
  • Fixed picking up items when your inventory is full
  • Fixed using abnormal status potions on pets for certain statuses
  • Fixed ‘Random’ server not working with the Arabic translation
  • Fixed tracing training area not updating to the trace player’s position
  • Fixed certain Devils Spirit / Angels spirit skills not working
  • Fixed armor/accessory type detection for adding all items on the Alchemy tab
  • If a message box pops up, it will now unminimize the bot (fixes a possible crash)
  • Renamed Python API function teleport() to get_teleport_data()
  • Improved Arabic translation text thanks to AbdoPasha2011S4a


The Manager has been ported to Linux!

Ubuntu Screenshot

Sep 28th, 2015