phBot v14.1.8


  • Fixed an issue with returning when you are out of arrows/bolts
  • Fixed not using the highest level moving speed skill in town
  • Fixed alchemy enhancer and trade reinforcement rune being in the wrong category for consignment
  • Fixed attempting to use steady stones on accessory items


  • Added a 10s agent server time out that will reconnect if the server does not respond (iSRO/SilkroadR)
  • Added Dutch translation thanks to BloodyMilli
  • Added guild check for guild storage commands
  • Added job suit check for guild storage commands
  • Added command line arguments function to the Python API
  • Added EXP data (character and job) to the get_character_data() Python API
  • Added item level checking for setting the weapons for switching
  • Added a few Manager related things so it is able to detect bots not added to the Manager


  • Enabled table sorting for pick filter/town tabs
  • Slightly increased the delay for party/union party inviting

phSro is coming back!

Nov 16th, 2015