phBot v14.7.6


  • Fixed academy matching still forming when the academy is full
  • Fixed Data.pk2 key not being set for servers that have modified PK2 keys
  • Fixed monster preferences not loading correctly after a profile change
  • Fixed bot stopping after equipping a bow/crossbow and the arrows/bolts being equipped at the same time
  • Fixed buffs being cast out of order


  • Added SOCKS 4 support
  • Added support for changing the profile in the script (profile,<name>)
  • Added support for recalling the pick pet in the script (recall)
  • Added support for showing the storage inventory
  • Added item race and gender to the pick filter


  • Reverse return state will now not reset after relogging
  • Tray icon will now change to “green” when botting (but not tracing) and “yellow” when not in game
Jan 5th, 2017