phBot v14.2.0


  • Fixed bard dance recasting when it ends by monster attack

phSro is launching on December 18, 2015

Dec 12th, 2015

phBot v14.1.9


  • Fixed disabling invisible not also disabling rogue stealth (useless on iSRO/SilkroadR)
  • Fixed parsing error with Magic Cube


  • Added support for character profiles
  • Added an option to only summon the attack pet in the training area
  • Added support for using Magic Cube
  • Added support for using Lucky Magic Powder
  • Added a static authentication server IP so even if your DNS servers are broken you will still be able to authenticate


  • Updated Arabic translation thanks to AbdoPasha2011S4a
  • Dance / Tambour will now be removed immediately if you are attacked
Dec 7th, 2015

phBot v14.1.8


  • Fixed an issue with returning when you are out of arrows/bolts
  • Fixed not using the highest level moving speed skill in town
  • Fixed alchemy enhancer and trade reinforcement rune being in the wrong category for consignment
  • Fixed attempting to use steady stones on accessory items


  • Added a 10s agent server time out that will reconnect if the server does not respond (iSRO/SilkroadR)
  • Added Dutch translation thanks to BloodyMilli
  • Added guild check for guild storage commands
  • Added job suit check for guild storage commands
  • Added command line arguments function to the Python API
  • Added EXP data (character and job) to the get_character_data() Python API
  • Added item level checking for setting the weapons for switching
  • Added a few Manager related things so it is able to detect bots not added to the Manager


  • Enabled table sorting for pick filter/town tabs
  • Slightly increased the delay for party/union party inviting

phSro is coming back!

Nov 16th, 2015

phBot v14.1.7

Change Log

  • Fixed agent server disconnect on login

You still won’t be able to login because iSRO is broken.

Oct 29th, 2015

phBot v14.1.6

Change Log

  • Fixed slow attack when devil’s spirit is set to enabled
Oct 24th, 2015

phBot v14.1.5

Change Log

  • The bot will now relog whenever the new server errors occur (error 1 and 2)
Oct 21st, 2015

phBot v14.1.4

Change Log

  • Added get_config_dir, get_log_dir, and get_skill plugin functions
  • Added setChecked function to QtBind
  • Fixed walking back after using a teleporter if there is extreme lag
  • Fixed text file parse error on certain vSRO servers
  • Fixed Python ref counting bug for certain functions
  • Fixed Python GIL locking
  • Increased NPC selection/enter wait times to improve the chances of you being able to use an NPC on iSRO/SilkroadR
  • Rewrote Devil’s Spirit usage
Oct 19th, 2015

phBot v14.1.3

10 Years of Silkroad

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Change Log

  • Added support for moving arrows/bolts from the pet if you have a bow/crossbow
  • Added DoStorageStore and DoStorageTake script commands for only storing or only taking items
  • Added support for adding skills specific to Strong monsters
  • Fixed not being able to get free items on cSRO SilkroadR (SROMANIA)
  • The bot will now get every item in the free NPCs instead of just potions/arrows/bolts
Oct 5th, 2015

phBot v14.1.2

Change Log

  • Added slower attack mode option
  • Added Spanish translation thanks to Wzi
  • Fixed picking up items when your inventory is full
  • Fixed using abnormal status potions on pets for certain statuses
  • Fixed ‘Random’ server not working with the Arabic translation
  • Fixed tracing training area not updating to the trace player’s position
  • Fixed certain Devils Spirit / Angels spirit skills not working
  • Fixed armor/accessory type detection for adding all items on the Alchemy tab
  • If a message box pops up, it will now unminimize the bot (fixes a possible crash)
  • Renamed Python API function teleport() to get_teleport_data()
  • Improved Arabic translation text thanks to AbdoPasha2011S4a


The Manager has been ported to Linux!

Ubuntu Screenshot

Sep 28th, 2015

phBot v14.1.1

Change Log

  • Added chat clear buttons
  • Added character limits on chat and party/academy matching line edits
  • Added an option to always use berserk even if you are not being attacked
  • Added language selection for future use
  • Added Python exception messages
  • Added right click menu on the tray icon to fix a bug in Ubuntu
  • Added support for denying party invites from players that are not in the invite/accept list
  • Added Arabic translation
  • Fixed an issue with players and possibly monsters always moving for no apparent reason
  • Fixed not using cure potions on a fellow pet
  • Fixed always waiting for path finding to finish when it couldn’t connect
  • Fixed training area not saving
  • Fixed not using berserk when the character does not select any monsters
  • Separated DoHerbalist and DoGroceryTrader into DoHerbalistFree and DoGroceryTraderFree so normal non-free NPCs can be used if needed
    • You must delete your Town folder to get the updated town scripts for the free NPCs
  • Guild storage will now be sorted after every item that is placed into storage

phBot has been translated into Arabic thanks to AbdoPasha2011S4a.

Native Linux release is out! The Manager will come later.

Linux Screenshot

Sep 16th, 2015