phBot v14.1.0

Change Log

  • Added support for using reverse return scrolls if you die in the training area
  • Added ‘SP gained’ to the stats tab
  • Fixed not being able to continue cave scripts
  • Fixed primary weapon emergency buffs
  • Fixed an issue with stopping the bot from Python in a script command
  • Fixed party player level not updating
  • Separated the return on durability options into: weapon, shield, and armor


The Manager has been translated into Arabic thanks to AbdoPasha2011S4a.

Sep 8th, 2015

phBot v14.0.9

Change Log

  • Added support for getting the position via the Manager
  • Added more Python API functions
  • Fixed adding invalid alchemic stones for certain items (add all)
  • Fixed adding invalid attribute stones for Jewelry (add all)
  • Fixed not showing all teleport destinations on the map tab
  • Fixed monster preferences always preferring General monsters
Aug 31st, 2015

phBot v14.0.8

Change Log

  • Added support for Party Union chat
  • Added an option for setting the resurrection scroll use delay
  • Added a 60s delay between using monster summon scrolls
  • Added more item durability checks for weapon switching
  • Added a few things necessary for the Manager generate info for the HTML files
  • Added support for using Pandora’s Box on vSRO
  • Added support for returning immediately if you die while using a return scroll
  • Added Guide and FAQ buttons that open the respective web pages for each
  • Added support for taking only a certain quantity of an item from storage
  • Added ‘EXP Gained’ percentage to the statistics tab
  • Added get_pets() to the Python API
  • Added a ‘Reset’ button to the Statistics tab
  • Fixed chat item links
  • Fixed auto accepting all party join requests through matching
  • Fixed summoning Pandora’s Box when one still exists or if there are elites in the training area
  • Fixed casting buffs with the wrong weapon (caused by lag)
  • Fixed ‘Miracle Recovery’ skill not working
  • Fixed not always using the correct monster type attack skills
  • Fixed always hiding when ‘Hide’ is not checked in the Manager
  • Fixed not being able to continue training scripts when still in town
  • Fixed the teleporter script dialog not doing anything at all
  • Reduced item swap delay if it fails to change weapons due to an active attack/buff
  • Horses and fellow pets will now be dismounted after the walk script ends instead of just the horse
  • Separated store/take guild storage script commands
  • Rewrote monster selection
  • Rewrote how the bot uses return scrolls to fix the “stuck in town/buffing” problem
  • Rewrote teleport data (fix for Electus Arabian Coast)
  • Improved hiding phBot via the Manager (requires v1.1.9)
Aug 29th, 2015

phBot v14.0.7

Change Log

  • Added more Python API functions
  • Added support for reviving while attacking
  • Added certain player stats to the map tab
  • Added support for attacking with two weapons (tested with Wizard/Bard)
  • Added a 5s delay before starting the bot on relog so it can dismount the transport
  • Added support for checking if the weapon is broken before casting speed buffs in town
  • Added support for more training conditions (level, time passed, and not attacked)
  • Added support for using force cure skills when you have a bad status
  • Added ‘Speed’ option to the ‘Scrolls’ tab
  • Added ‘out of MP’ detection for resurrect skills
  • Fixed slow attack when you have a bard dance in the buff list but not ‘Awesome World’ so the buff could never be cast
  • Fixed incorrect item chat links appearing in chat
  • Fixed Gori equipment exchange not being able to find a similar item for Chinese weapons
  • Fixed certain bard attack skills having an invalid duration
  • Fixed a parse error with attack damage updates
  • Fixed adding multiple ‘Strong Bow’ skills with Auto Configure
  • Fixed imbue not setting correctly with Auto Configure
  • Fixed an auto mastery crash when you edit mastery settings and the window refreshes
  • Fixed Baghdad town area being massive, you can now basically bot inside the walls of Baghdad - that’s how close you can get now
  • Fixed not returning when the job transport dies if you are luring
  • Fixed not checking if the inventory is full for moving items from the pet for storage
  • Fixed ‘Awesome World’ on cSRO SilkroadR
  • Fixed not finding the primary weapon when there are no weapon attack skills in the list
  • Fixed not returning when you run out of recovery potions and your pet is dead
  • Fixed “ending” all buffs when the player dies (fix for Electus)
  • Possibly fixed getting stuck in the ‘Homeless Genie’ NPC
  • Fixed not detecting monster knock down on vSRO
  • Fixed attempting to enter guild storage even if you have no permission
  • Fixed attempting to resurrect multiple times even after the player has accepted being revived
  • Fixed ‘accept res from other players’ setting being ignored and always accepting
  • Improved pet item move speed
  • Scripts will now be saved in your config when they are generated on the server
  • Resurrect delay is now per player
    • Multiple individual resurrect skills can be used
Aug 21st, 2015

phBot v14.0.6

Change Log

  • Added more Python QtBind API functions
  • Added support for sending chat messages/notes from Python plugins
  • Fixed not parsing skill names correctly on certain vSRO servers
  • Fixed stall item price being black on the dark theme
  • Fixed consignment price not being 0 when you add a new item to consignment
  • Fixed not waiting after summoning a transport for the oldtrade command
  • Fixed not being able to cast secondary weapon buffs in the script
  • Fixed not finding the closest script coordinates
  • Fixed possible crash when too many events are being sent to the Python API (from a button click)
  • Fixed QtBind destroy API call not deleting lists
  • Fixed Python line edits not resizing to the set size
  • Fixed crash when getting all list items from Python
  • Fixed an issue with returning due to too far away from town causing it to try and start moving anyway when it should be waiting
  • EXP/SP scrolls will now only be used in the training area
  • Improved thread safety


The Manager has been translated into Dutch thanks to BloodyMilli.

Aug 10th, 2015

phBot v14.0.5

Change Log

  • Fixed monster death detection causing it to ignore certain alive monsters
  • Fixed always asking for the Silkroad path when you already have iSRO.db3 or SilkroadR.db3 database files
  • Added a “DEP is enabled” warning message
    • It will ask you to disable DEP for phBot.exe if you have it enabled
  • Dark theme is back!
    • To disable the dark theme you must add white=1 to phBot.ini
  • Changed group res skills to be used when in the resurrect radius instead of the training area radius


Aug 7th, 2015

phBot v14.0.4

Change Log

  • Fixed not detecting when Data.pk2 does not exist for updating the database
  • Added support for moving sellable pet items to the inventory in Jupiter
  • Horse will now be terminated after finishing the script (only the horse)
  • Improved town items load speed
Aug 6th, 2015

phBot v14.0.3

Change Log

  • Fixed not being able to enter an NPC when there is no lag and you are not clientless
  • Fixed wrong items being added when you enter one NPC and then go to another and buy something
  • Fixed a bug with item quantity’s not updating after use
  • Possibly fixed a crash when you “Go Clientless”
Aug 5th, 2015

phBot v14.0.2

Now we’re cooking with gas!

Change Log

  • Fixed town areas being too large causing areas near a town to still be considered part of town
  • Fixed disconnect when attempting to cast certain socket buffs
  • Fixed bot working if you have no active training area
  • Fixed town item “enabled” state not saving when you check the box of an unselected row
  • Fixed stall/consignment prices not showing up correctly for very high prices
  • Fixed pick pet time left not showing
  • Fixed Wizard teleport position not updating in the bot
  • Added auto mastery while not botting
Aug 4th, 2015

phBot v14.0.1

A few issues have been found that were not discovered in the testing release. Most problems have been resolved now, but more will probably be discovered. I hope to have 99% of bugs fixed by the next Silkroad inspection. If you still have troubles, the old stable release is still available as I said in the previous post: v11.9.7.

Change Log

  • Added a minimum lure walk delay of 500ms
  • Added support for equipping/unequipping avatar, devil’s spirit, and job items
  • Fixed not being able to designate the recall point in Mirror Dimension
  • Fixed lag detection while on a transport
  • Fixed not detecting when multiple avatar items are removed when you remove one avatar item
  • Increased the pick delay by about 100ms to hopefully fix disconnect problems
  • Possibly fixed a crash after a walk path could not be generated
Aug 4th, 2015