phBot v11.8.5d

  • Fixed a problem with casting emergency buffs in town after dying
Jan 3rd, 2015

phBot v11.8.5c

  • Added support for allowing the Manager to find existing bots that have already been started
Jan 2nd, 2015

phBot v11.8.5b

  • Fixed not being able to summon certain attack pets
Dec 30th, 2014

phBot v11.8.5a

  • Added a ‘Mall’ category to the pick filter ‘Other’ drop down category
  • Improved IP resolve speed
    * All mall items can now be sold
Dec 27th, 2014

phBot v11.8.5

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
Dec 23rd, 2014

phBot v11.8.4f

  • Fixed not being able to set the SOCKS version via command line
  • Fixed proxy arguments not being loaded from the command line
Dec 19th, 2014

phBot v11.8.4e

  • Fixed not being able to get the item degree for Roc set items
  • Added support for going client via the Manager
Dec 19th, 2014

phBot v11.8.4d

  • Updated with iSRO
Dec 16th, 2014

phBot v11.8.4c

  • Fixed linked item names not showing up in chat
  • Fixed dropping bolts when the bow/crossbow is not equipped
  • Fixed not being able to sell arrows/bolts if they are equipped
  • Increased the time it takes for the ‘set passcode’ window to show in case of lag (10s)
Dec 14th, 2014

phBot v11.8.4b

  • Updated with iSRO
Dec 11th, 2014