phBot v11.8.4

  • Fixed a parse error with ‘Honor Alchemy Stone’ items
  • Added all of the new servers so it does not need to be done later (you will not be able to login to them until the servers are merged)
  • Removed ‘’ gateway server

You will need to replace the server name in your config files with the new server names.

Dec 9th, 2014

phBot v11.8.3

  • Updated with iSRO
Dec 1st, 2014

phBot v11.8.2b

  • Fixed lure stopping if a party member disappears
Nov 27th, 2014

phBot v11.8.2a

  • Fixed a parse error with the ‘Stone of Dismantling’ alchemy item
Nov 25th, 2014

phBot v11.8.2

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
Nov 25th, 2014

phBot v11.8.1f

  • Fixed teleporting through the map tab
  • Fixed the second training area polygon not being used
  • Fixed polygon
Nov 19th, 2014

phBot v11.8.1e

  • Changing the secondary passcode is no longer possible
Nov 11th, 2014

phBot v11.8.1d

  • Added support for turning in the Halloween event quest
  • Fixed a few vSRO/thSRO parsing errors
Nov 4th, 2014

phBot v11.8.1c

  • Fixed not being able to remove event skills
Oct 29th, 2014

phBot v11.8.1b

  • Fixed crash when the wrong script is loaded for the town
Oct 29th, 2014