phBot v11.7.6n

  • Fixed spawn parse errors with Excalibur
  • Fixed academy graduation right click menu
  • Added support for equipping/unequipping all items
Aug 11th, 2014

phBot v11.7.6m

  • Fixed a potential crash bug if job level data doesn’t exist (vSRO)
  • Fixed not tracking certain NPC items when they are purchased
  • Fixed party reform
  • Added academy graduation
  • Improved character selection dialog
Aug 10th, 2014

phBot v11.7.6l

  • Fixed not updating academy tab when a new member is added
  • Possibly fixed high CPU usage on guild updates
Aug 9th, 2014

phBot v11.7.6k

  • Fixed using the party number instead of the academy number when joining an academy by number
  • Fixed not showing avatar items in the player gear list
  • Fixed parse errors with vSRO servers that don’t support item sockets (Excalibur)
    There will be a new check box on the ‘Add Private Server’ window for this.
  • Added support for automatically sending accumulated academy points when there are < 23 hours left
  • Added guild tab with support for withdrawing members and editing member’s authority
  • Added guild invite button to the player tab
  • Added auto invite nearby players to the guild based on level
  • Added auto accept all guild invites
  • Added support for equipping/unequipping job suits on the inventory tab
  • Added support for using guild recall scrolls on the inventory tab
  • Improved resurrection

Aug 9th, 2014

phBot v11.7.6j

  • Added academy notice support (viewing/editing)
  • Added auto invite nearby players to the academy
  • Added accept all academy join requests & join academy invitations
  • Secondary weapon will now always be moved to the first inventory slot
Aug 5th, 2014

phBot v11.7.6i

  • Fixed resurrection scrolls not working correctly
  • Fixed polygon
  • Added support for modified PK2 keys
  • Added academy

Aug 5th, 2014

phBot v11.7.6h

  • Fixed returning when you pick up a lamp item and you aren’t botting
  • Fixed ‘Use resurrection scrolls’ overwriting another setting
Aug 3rd, 2014

phBot v11.7.6g

  • Fixed not being able to resume scripts when using the polygon attack
  • Fixed polygon attack (must be drawn counter-clockwise)
  • Fixed not unequipping free arrows/bolts before buying new ones
  • Fixed not being able to draw a very large polygon
  • Fixed an npc goods parse bug with certain private servers
  • Added support for using resurrection scrolls after you die and when you click ‘Start Bot’
Aug 1st, 2014

phBot v11.7.6f

  • Fixed free potions
Jul 29th, 2014

phBot v11.7.6e

  • Fixed not returning using a walk script for quests
  • Fixed not reforming the party when the matching levels or title changes
Jul 29th, 2014