phBot v11.7.4h

  • Fixed text file parse error with vSRO skills
Jun 23rd, 2014

phBot v11.7.4g

  • Fixed not parsing party matching data correctly with vSRO
  • Fixed not setting the correct vSRO party matching title
  • Quest returning will now only support repeatable quests
Jun 20th, 2014

phBot v11.7.4f

  • Fixed not using the correct skill for certain devil’s spirit items
Jun 20th, 2014

phBot v11.7.4e

  • Fixed pick filter updating not setting the correct rare name
  • Fixed not using the correct item database for the pick filter when using vSRO
  • Fixed a trade transport parsing error
  • Rewrote quest parsing
Jun 19th, 2014

phBot v11.7.4d

  • Fixed not attacking when not luring
  • Fixed not casting party buffs if the character has axes equipped
  • Fixed a time bug in the auth server causing peoples time to end a few hours early
Jun 17th, 2014

phBot v11.7.4c

  • Added support for only casting vital increase while outside of town
  • Added more speed buff checks so it will not get stuck trying to cast
Jun 14th, 2014

phBot v11.7.4b

  • Added a sort button to the inventory tab
  • Possibly fixed a bug with attacking monsters outside of the training area
Jun 12th, 2014

phBot v11.7.4a

  • Added party matching list
  • Fixed default radio button not being selected for party matching invite options

Jun 11th, 2014

phBot v11.7.4

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
Jun 10th, 2014

phBot v11.7.3b

  • Fixed not loading chat block list
  • Fixed quest names not being in English for vSRO
Jun 9th, 2014