phBot v11.7.1 UNSTABLE

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
May 13th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0 STABLE

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
May 13th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0h

  • Added an option to use a skill when you right click it on the skill list
  • Added rare names to item links
May 8th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0g

  • Added item links in chat
May 8th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0f

  • Chat will now scroll to the bottom no matter where the cursor is
  • Fixed stall item purchased gold amount displaying a negative number
May 4th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0e

  • Fixed not picking items while tracing when ‘Attack monsters’ is not checked
  • Fixed not retrying to login when a server is under inspection
  • Added chat colors
Apr 30th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0d

  • Fixed player positions not updating correctly
  • Added stop luring if there are more than X monsters in the training area (untested)
  • Added stop luring if certain party members are not in the training area (untested)
Apr 24th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0c

  • Fixed not casting ‘Force’ Chinese party buffs
  • Improved item parsing
Apr 24th, 2014

phBot v11.7.0b

  • Fixed picking up items with both the character and pick pet while tracing
  • Fixed not displaying more than 8 job pouch items
  • Added avatar and job item lists
Apr 23rd, 2014

phBot v11.7.0a

  • Added job pouch inventory list
Apr 22nd, 2014