phBot v11.6.3i

  • Possibly fixed a bug with buffing that would cause you to stop attacking
  • Removed transferring updates over SSL
Dec 1st, 2013

phBot v11.6.3h

  • Fixed bard tambours
Dec 1st, 2013

phBot v11.6.3g

  • Fixed a bug with setting the Y coordinate when the script begins
  • Fixed a skill timing bug with certain party buffs (mainly Mana Cycle)
  • Rewrote buffing code
  • Primary buffs will now be cast if one ends while doing party buffs
Nov 30th, 2013

phBot v11.6.3f

  • Changed the way the bot restarts when you teleport back to town or die
Nov 30th, 2013

phBot v11.6.3e

  • Fixed horse buy type not loading correctly
  • Fixed horse use potion amount not loading correctly
Nov 27th, 2013

phBot v11.6.3d

  • Added HTTP fallback if updating over SSL does not work
  • Added an option to toggle town script continuation (will skip the walking back to the spawn area part)
  • Added an option to teleport to the Jupiter room
Nov 24th, 2013

Free Trial Period

I have finally added an easy way to do free trial time for phBot. All you need is an account on

  1. Register on
  2. Download phBot
  3. Login to phBot between 12:00AM -> 12:00PM EST Tuesday morning (after the Silkroad inspection)

You have 12 hours to test the bot.

Nov 24th, 2013

phBot v11.6.3c

  • Fixed item pick when set not to while tracing
  • Fixed not being able to resurrect while tracing
  • Increased weapon switching delay to 3 seconds
  • Upgraded cURL and added SSL file updates for phBot
  • Added a database file check before attempting to load the data
Nov 22nd, 2013

phBot v11.6.3b

  • Added Holy Word to the party buff list (untested)
  • Removed town script continuation
Nov 18th, 2013

phBot v11.6.3a

  • Possibly fixed a parsing error with fortress structures and flower monsters
  • Fixed ‘Awesome World’ not working with ‘Hit March’
  • Lowered the maximum distance from a point in the town script for continuation from 15 to 8
  • Improved cURL update code
Nov 13th, 2013