Coming soon…

This version will be released (hopefully) tomorrow.

This can be used to enter the Jangan cave if you aren’t the minimum level. It will probably also work for Alexandria.

Sep 28th, 2013

phBot v11.5.9b

  • Possibly fixed not “detecting” a disconnect
  • Added join party by number
  • Added a maximum number of players for each party buff
  • Added a 5 second timeout when connecting to the Silkroad servers
  • Added item picking to tracing
  • Added support for changing the second passcode without email verification while logging in clientless
  • Fixed an issue with auto reform
  • Fixed not clearing the correct item for sending party chat messages
Sep 25th, 2013

phBot v11.5.9a

  • Fixed not writing walk coordinates to the script
Sep 24th, 2013

phBot v11.5.9

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
  • Fixed minimap files not being detected
  • Fixed chat not displaying correct player names
  • Possibly fixed a relog issue when not botting
Sep 24th, 2013

phBot v11.5.8j

  • Fixed a parsing error that would cause the bot to think a monster has been knocked down
  • Fixed bind IP not being used
  • Standardized how file paths are created and how they are opened/read from
  • Possibly fixed disconnect
Sep 22nd, 2013

phBot v11.5.8i

  • Rewrote networking code
Sep 17th, 2013

phBot v11.5.8h

  • Fixed agent connect issue
Sep 16th, 2013

phBot v11.5.8g

  • Fixed agent connect bug
  • Fixed not being able to hit ‘Cancel’ on the character selection page and log into a different account
  • Mostly fixed not being able to ‘Restart’ while in game
Sep 16th, 2013

phBot v11.5.8f

  • Fixed some stuff
Sep 16th, 2013

phBot v11.5.8e

  • Fixed a bug with primary party champion buffs
  • Fixed script continuation (assuming you are within 50 spaces of a script coordinate — and not in a cave)
  • Fixed a bug with the kill ‘X’ amount of monsters job quest
  • Fixed some multi-threading issues
  • Added an option for only accepting party invites at the training area (untested)
  • Added login retry timer
  • Changed attack sleep back to what it was originally
  • Changed pick up delay to not be as retardedly fast (yes that is now a word)
  • Removed some redundant code
Sep 15th, 2013