phBot v11.5.2f

  • Databases will now be loaded into memory
Jun 12th, 2013

phBot v11.5.2e

  • Fixed pick filter updating
  • Fixed not being able to buy universal pills in Jupiter
Jun 12th, 2013

phBot v11.5.2d

  • Switched to cURL for downloading updates instead of Qt
Jun 11th, 2013

phBot v11.5.2c

  • Fixed not being able to buy horses
  • Crashing problem should now be fixed
Jun 11th, 2013

phBot v11.5.2b

  • Fixed not being able to buy Ironclad horses
  • Fixed phBot.exe updating
  • Possibly fixed crashing problem
  • Added a random delay when opening the database if it fails the first attempt
Jun 11th, 2013

phBot v11.5.2a - Possible Fix

  • Possible fix for the crashing problem

Restart phBot to download the update

Jun 11th, 2013

phBot v11.5.2

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
  • Fixed a bug with not showing the correct teleporter in the Add Teleporter GUI
  • Added code to fix potential crash issues with multiple threads
  • Changed the default ‘teleport’ command to use NPC names instead of the destination values
  • Fixed script creator dialog showing two ‘Delete Line(s)’ menu options instead of only one
  • Added functionality for automatically updating phBot.exe
  • Fixed a crashing problem with party buffs
Jun 9th, 2013

phBot v11.5.2 BETA

  • Rewrote most of the NPC buying code to be dynamic
  • Removed all text files and replaced them with two databases
  • Fixed a bug with not buying the correct purification pill type
  • No more restarting the bot to update a file (unless it’s in use)
  • All fixes from v11.5.1a (unreleased)

This version will contain tons of rewritten code so probably almost nothing works.

Jun 5th, 2013

phBot v11.5.1a

  • Stalls can now be created outside of town
  • Added prefer certain types of monsters (untested)


Jun 2nd, 2013

phBot v11.5.1

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
  • Fixed not using ‘Token Ironclad Trade Horse’
  • Fixed not removing sold stall items from the inventory list and client
  • Fixed being able to add an item to the stall when the stall is open
  • Auto mastery tab will now save your settings
May 28th, 2013