phBot v11.4.6c

  • Added options to store gold in storage and guild storage under the pick filter tab
Apr 3rd, 2013

ProjectHax Account Sharing

It looks like a lot of people have gotten their ProjectHax accounts stolen because they wanted to share it with someone. So because of this I have added a way for a random password to be generated and used with phBot. This way you can share the password with anyone but they will not be able to log into with it.

Mar 31st, 2013

phBot v11.4.6b

  • Fixed a parse error with fortress summon items
Mar 31st, 2013

phBot v11.4.6a

  • Fixed not using higher level Chinese party buffs for Physical and Magical buffs
Mar 28th, 2013

phBot v11.4.6

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
Mar 26th, 2013

phBot v11.4.5c

  • Fixed buying ‘Visual Stimulation Potion’ instead of vigors
Mar 21st, 2013

phBot v11.4.5b

  • Added support for the passcode system
  • Added ‘–passcode’ command line option
Mar 21st, 2013

phBot v11.4.5a

  • Fixed not picking items in SilkroadR
  • Fixed chat not working correctly
Mar 20th, 2013

phBot v11.4.5

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
Mar 19th, 2013

phBot Upgrade

Please upgrade to phBot v11.4.4g. Re-download it if you already upgraded.

Mar 15th, 2013