phBot v11.3.5a

  • Added an option to only accept res from party members
  • Added SilkroadR force Chinese party buffs (Physical Buff and Magical Buff)

Both of these new features are untested.

Nov 14th, 2012

phBot v11.3.5

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
Nov 13th, 2012

phBot v11.3.4c

  • Fixed not doing quests properly if the NPC is not in town
Nov 12th, 2012

phBot v11.3.4b

  • Added ‘Return to town when quest is completed’ option
  • General optimizations
Nov 9th, 2012

phBot v11.3.4a

  • Fixed multiple NPC’s with the same name showing up in the new quest dialog
  • Fixed quest files having incorrect NPC names
Nov 7th, 2012

phBot v11.3.4

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
  • Added ‘quest’ option in script and a new quest dialog (NOT TESTED COMPLETELY)
  • Changed pick filter loading so it doesn’t load any items into the dialog causing it to eat up 50MB of RAM
Nov 6th, 2012

phBot v11.3.3a

  • Fixed trying to use a speed drug after dying when one is already in use
  • Fixed a spawn parse error
Nov 1st, 2012

phBot v11.3.3

  • Updated with iSRO and SilkroadR
  • Removed and auth server selection
  • Fixed a parse error
  • Fixed a problem where the bot would try to pick up specialty goods boxes and other items when the pick filter hasn’t been loaded completely
Oct 31st, 2012

phBot on Debian 7

I created an addition to the original guide. This one uses LXDE and requires far less RAM.

Debian Guide

Oct 29th, 2012

phBot v11.3.2d

  • Fixed another spawn parse error

This should hopefully be the final parse fix.

Oct 26th, 2012