• Allows you to manage hundreds of accounts from one interface
  • Supports all servers simultaneously
  • Auto restart phBot on disconnect
  • Account information is encrypted locally
  • Minimap support
  • Pick filter management
  • Multiple proxy support
    • Allows you to set a proxy per account
  • Completely free

$1 per week

  • Supports most servers
    • iSRO
    • vSRO 1.188, 1.193, 1.274, thSRO, Black Rogue, and official servers
    • cSROR (official / private)
    • ECSRO
    • TRSRO
    • JSRO
  • Path finding
    • Not necessary to create scripts to get to your training area
    • Supports quests
  • Use on up to 3 computers
  • Clientless support
  • ... and more
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phBot Crypto
$10 per month

  • Dollar cost averaging bot for cryptocurrency and stocks
  • Supports multiple exchanges at the same time
    • /
    • Coinbase Pro
    • Gemini
    • Alpaca
    • ... more may be added in the future
  • Supports multiple profit taking options
    • Base currency
    • Crypto
  • Supports an unlimited number of crypto trading pairs
  • Stock trading support through Alpaca
  • Use on up to 3 computers — share with friends!
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Proxy (beta)
$5/proxy per month

  • Choose between multiple countries
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • No usage restrictions
  • Works with all ProjectHax products
  • SOCKS v5

Training Area
Unlimited training areas. Supports path finding and scripts.

Configure skills, buffs, party buffs, and more

Control all pet options like monster attack, reviving, and item picking

Party Taxi
Allows you to sell access to your party by requesting gold from party members.

Auto Configure
Allows you to quickly get setup with the bot by letting it auto configure skills and potions

Pick Filter
Configures how the bot should pickup, store, sell (and more) items

Allows you to enable quests and have them be automatically turned in

Allows you to see every inventory your character has

Allows you to automatically create a stall in town to sell items